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Sparks Recruitment

A bit About Us!

Why Sparks Recruitment?

Are all recruitment companies the same?

We can help you nationally and internationally to fill skills shortages

We offer all forms of recruitment, except “spot hire”

Headhunting, direct placement, contract hire, fast-track, remote working. We believe the client  should make the choice

We are European based but have global alliances in many markets providing flexibility

You will interact with people that will strive to understand your business, many are from an  industrial rather than an HR  background

Our beliefs and approach to recruitment are holistic in nature

We believe in traditional recruitment techniques but with a modern twist.

We try to reach out appropriately, but every solution will be bespoke in some way. In our experience no  two recruitment challenges are  identical.

We will strive to understand your business if you allow us the opportunity

Practically, if you are looking for a job or if you are looking to hire, we are ready for you.

We will make Our Job from Your Need, but we will ask all the necessary questions to have a clear view of Your Needs, in order to make it Our Job!

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